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“The Set-up Dribble or ‘Here Kitty, Kitty’”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on August 16, 2005

here-kitty-kitty.JPGAs a ballhandler, or someone dribbling the ball, one of the things you should watch for is the same thing you watch for everywhere on offense: defense out of position. Beyond that, when you have the ball, you can easily entice defense to get out of position by exposing the ball in such a way that defense wants to reach for it. As soon as the defense reaches, you go. Reaching, by definition, is putting yourself off balance. But you’ve got to practice quick hands to be ready to make sure you don’t lose it and you’ve got to have the mentality that you are going-by. This is also called: “you reach, I teach”. As in: “you reach for the ball and I’ll teach you a lesson or I’ll teach you to not do that again.”


4 Responses to ““The Set-up Dribble or ‘Here Kitty, Kitty’””

  1. Carlo Del Donno said

    What move would you recomend to get around the defender? I have tried a spin move, but it is a little hard to control the ball.


  2. Carlo – – I wouldn’t call it “get around” the defender, instead, think of it as “get by” the defender. Whatever move you use (crossover, spin, hesitation, inside-out, inside-out cross), you want to go as STRAIGHT BY the defense as possible (meaning STRAIGHT LINE TO THE HOOP), while not losing the ball or having it knocked away. The idea is: 1) get the defense leaning on your fake (thereby opening “the door” for you to get through); 2) lean in so that your shoulder makes soft contact with the defense’s hip; 3) keep the ball back and away as you expolsively go by the defense. Remember: 1) Good fake, 2) straight by, 3) protect.

    I think the crossover is the best place to start.


  3. Greg Herr said

    Didn’t Harvard have a drill where you were supposed to tap the back of the defender’s sneaker with your inside hand as you went by, I guess as a reminder to lean in and stay low?


  4. We had a point guard, Mike Gielen, thousand point scorer, first team all-Ivy in ’88-’89 (really shouldn’t have been scoring so much from the point but we were somewhat disfunctional). Played at storied Dematha HS in Hyattsville MD for legendary coach, Morgan Wooten. Teamed with Danny Ferry senior year in high school. Good enough after his sophomore year at Harvard that after our game with Duke, Krzyzewski said, “he could play for us”. In ballhandling drills, when he went by me at the arc, he always touched the back of my heel. That’s where I got that drill.


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