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“Catch a Saved Ball Being Fired 100 mph at your Knees”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on September 25, 2005

Thinking ahead on a basketball court, or making plays on the basketball court that seem as though you are thinking ahead, are deeds that get you much recognition. Now here’s a tip that gets you thinking ahead of the thinking ahead person. (Imagine the “love” you’d get for that!) Okay, the ball is flying out of bounds, you are very nearby but someone on the other team gets there first, jumps out of bounds, catches the ball and throws it – fires it at 100mph – at your knees or at your head or somewhere even more vital to your future as an attractive human being. The ball caroms off you, their ball. The player is much applauded for a good play, a thinking ahead play and you are left there as victim, as dolt. Never let that happen again: Think way ahead. As the person is going out, as the person is winding up, bend your knees, get your hands up and ready and . . . just . . . catch . . . the thing. Just catch it. Get psyched and catch it! Your ball. The only thing left to do is think ahead to your Hall of Fame speech (and what you do with all that love.)

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