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“The Perfect 10 Minute, Practice by Yourself, Warm-up, Part I” (The 1st Two Minutes)

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on October 11, 2005

I was 13 years old when I went to my first basketball camp. It was at Lasallette Seminary outside of Albany, NY. Beside winning the free throw shooting contest and learning the crossover dribble from recent high school grad Billy Kalbaugh (eventually co-captain of the Bob Lanier-led St. Bonaventure team that went to the Final Four), I first saw this drill demonstrated. A guy named Bob Davies (ex NBA star for the Rochester Royals and now in the NBA Hall of Fame) came out and started dribbling the ball against the wall like 3,000 times a minute. I said to myself, “this guy is a nut!” He did it righty, he did it lefty. He did it off his forehead. Well, not actually off his forehead, but I bet he could have. He did it from in close and from slightly farther away. He did it jumping. Yes . . . he . . . did. It is a good and helpful drill. It teaches dexterity. Stand with your toes about eight inches from a wall. Raise your right arm almost as high up and as straight as it goes. Using just your fingertips, hand from the wrist to your fingertips, dribble the ball against the wall. Then do it lefty. Become as good with one hand as the other. Do a hundred with your “strong” hand, a hundred-fifty with your “weak” hand. Then do it while you are jumping, tapping the ball against the wall every jump and tapping the wall with the non-involved hand when the ball is hitting the wall. A hundred with your strong, a hundred-fifty with your weak. Then take the ball with two hands and jumping as high as you can smash the ball into the wall twenty-five times, screaming while you do it. (Some drills can be done while you are in a subway station waiting for the train. We recommend the wall smash not be one of them.) Two minutes and you are better.

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