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“The Perfect 10 Minute Practice by Yourself Warm-up, Part IV (The 4th Two Minutes)”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on January 18, 2006

After you have finished your two-minute up-and-down-the-court ball handling, it’s time to practice footwork, balance and body positioning on interior shooting. Get a ball, go to a hoop, get in close on the right side, right in tight at 45 degrees. Take ten simple little jumpers off the glass, stepping with your left foot to rebound every time, keeping your right foot as your pivot foot. As you reach for the ball with your left hand and step with your left foot, make sure your right heel is off the floor and that when you step back to shoot again, you land that left foot with both knees bent,on the balls of your feet, ready to shoot right away again. Do the same thing from the left side, stepping to rebound with your right foot this time and your left foot as pivot foot. Ten more. That’s what? Twenty? Now go back to the right side, point your toes toward the baseline, do the same drill as the first ten shots, but protect the ball somewhat by bringing it up the right side of your body. Don’t show the ball to your left hip (where your defender would be). After ten shots, do the same thing but from the left side but with the left hand this time. Fun! Now go back to the right side, still in close, remember, but point your toes to the corner. Do the same drill but hide the ball even more. From the right side, your left shoulder should be pointing toward the hoop. Rick Pitino, when he was the head coach at Providence College, used to call this “putting the defense in jail”. Repeat from the left-side with your left hand. Your two minutes are up! And you’re already better!

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