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“The Reverse Mikan Drill”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on February 12, 2006

It being the birth date of our tallest president, we think of four score and seven not as a number of years, but the potential number of points that our gangly #16, the 6’6” orator, could have picked up in the post had he practiced this move. Part of the success of playing in the post is practicing a variety of ways of finishing shots from a host of angles. The Reverse Mikan teaches you to put the ball in the basket when approaching from behind the backboard, that slim four foot area between the hoop (backboard) and the baseline. Start with your back to the baseline directly behind the rim, take a step with your left foot angling out to your right and spin the ball (slightly) off the backboard finishing with your right hand pinky in the air pointing up. Take the ball out of the net, step with your right foot angling out to the left and spin the ball with your left hand, shooting again with a slight spin, pinky pointing up. Again off the backboard. Shot five score, try to make, oh, eighty-seven.

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“The Perfect 10 Minute Practice by Yourself Warm-up, Part V (The 5th, last Two Minutes)”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on February 1, 2006

Okay. You’ve done the wall taps, stationary ball handling, up and down ball handling, and inside shooting, so now you’re ready to drill and perfect your outside shooting and finish your ten-minute solo warm-up workout. This shooting drill requires you to pass the ball to yourself. No, you don’t need to be incredibly speedy, zipping here to there like the Roadrunner, you just need to spin the ball with a backward rotation so that when it hits the floor, it spins back to you – like a pass to yourself. You can do this by starting with your hands on the sides of the ball, thumbs pointing away from you, fingers spread wide. Now lift and toss the ball out away from you and up a little – barely more than head high – and finish with your thumbs pointing back to you. Fun. Nice pass! Now for the shooting. Starting with your back to the basket, spin the ball out and run around it so that you have established a left foot for your pivot foot. Catch and shoot. Retrieve the rebound and do it again. Do that pivot-no-dribble shot ten times. Then do ten more but pivot on your right foot. Then do ten more pivoting on your left foot but shot fake and dribble right for a jumper. Then do ten more but shot fake and dribble left for a jumper. Then repeat but shot fake and do ten layups going right and then ten layups going left. Tired yet? You bet. But then you do ten more or until you make five in a row or twenty in a row or whatever or wherever your imagination and inclination takes you. You’re warmed up, revved up and better, too!

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