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“Practicing by Yourself”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on March 14, 2006

practicing-by-yourself.JPGIt’s the best! It’s the best way to get a workout in a short amount of time. And it’s the best way to improve. Get a ball and go out on a court, but please don’t start doing an imitation of a one-person game of “HORSE”. Take a bunch of trips up and down the court doing ball handling moves you are not so good at yet: off-hand, between the legs explosion dribbles, combo moves, head-up the entire time. Then do a 100 Mikans! Next, practice shooting. Start in close, maybe even without the ball, “shadow shoot” to practice form. Then, spin the ball out with your back to the basket and run round it, as if passing to yourself; be consistent with your pivot foot – 10 times left foot, 10 times right foot. Practice shot fake moves: one-dribble left, one-dribble right jumpers. 20 off the glass, 20 straight in. If you’re already pretty good, be a hero and shoot 100 full-court dribble, stop-at-the-arc, three pointers, 50 with the ball coming out of a left hand dribble, 50 out of the right. (When I used to workout Howard Eisley before he was a pro, he’d make 70-75 of these.) Then make a 100 free throws in a row and then go home, get out of the gym.

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