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“Dirty Fingerpads”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on April 1, 2006

three-in-triple-threat.JPGGet your palm off the ball. When either dribbling or shooting or even passing the ball, your palm shouldn’t be touching it. You want to handle it with finesse and feel and care, don’t you? I mean, when you pick up a sandwich, you don’t have your sweaty palms all over that pastrami-on-rye, do you? How about when someone hands you a baby to hold, you’re not sticking your mitts all over the little thing, are you? At the end of a practice or at the end of a game, the meaty parts of your hands should be nearly as clean as when you walked in the gym. The tips, the meaty parts of the ends of your fingers, however, should show that you’ve been handling the ball. But, remember! Wash your hands before you eat!


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