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“Help and Recover”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on April 2, 2006

You might have heard it at an AA meeting, you might have thrown the phrase about during your stint with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But, here when we say “Help and Recover” we are talking about defending the ball in a basketball game. The important stuff. Okay, the ball is on the right wing defended appropriately and ferociously by your teammate; you are defending someone at the top of the key. See the ball while seeing the opponent you are matched up with. (Vision) This means playing a step or two back from the passing lane (the imaginary line that the ball would take if it were thrown to the guy you are guarding). Next, position yourself close enough to the ball (while maintaining vision) that if your teammate is beat off the dribble to your side (possible, yes? because he or she is in the ballhandler’s face), you can stop the penetration of the ballhandler thereby forcing a pass. (Help) A pass to whom? Likely the person you left unguarded when you helped. What do you have to do? Recover to the person you are matched up with. (Recover) That means you need to be quick (alert, knees bent, full of desire). Close out ready to contest the shot, not bite on a shot fake, and take away the drive. No one said defense was easy.


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