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“An Overview: The First of Three Things to Remember”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on April 4, 2006

Basketball is a running game. I mean, I didn’t personally know James Naismith, but I have to believe that at some point he said to himself, “this game here, this thing I invented is, at its core, a running game.” I don’t mean to suggest that it has to be fast break basketball all the time – though I’d tend to lean that way – nor do I mean to suggest there isn’t a time and place for arresting momentum – change of speed, after all, is crucial in hoops. What I mean is: get up the court. In transition from defense to offense, sprint, run, hurry up from foul line to foul line. If you do it and the defense doesn’t, it’s giving your team a big advantage. If you do it and the people you are playing with don’t, explain to them how the game is meant to be played and if they don’t run, go find someone to play with who will. And I’m not talking just to kids here: if you can run a step, run a lot of them and run them fast. It is so good for you and so good for the game! And if you’re in a wheelchair or something, get those wheels cranking! We’ll be looking for the skid marks!


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