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“An Overview: The Third of Three Things to Remember”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on April 18, 2006

Always see the ball. I don’t mean stare at the ball or even look at it all the time. I also don’t merely mean know where it is. Instead, have the ball in your field of vision, so if it does something, you know what that is. You know when a pass is made so that you can adjust your defensive position or step in to steal it. You know when a shot is taken so you can box out, go get it or sprint out on the break. And this does not just apply to defense. Always have the ball in your field of vision when your team has it. Always be ready to catch, even, and this is tricky, when your back is turned when you are screening because if there is a defensive breakdown and the ballhandler sees it, you have got to be ready for the play. The ball needs you to know where it is. Don’t let it (and the game) down.


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