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“The Crab Walk”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on May 9, 2006

To practice staying low and to gain greater dexterity with the basketball, do the crab walk drill. Here’s how it goes: start on the baseline with the ball in two hands in front of you. Step forward with your left foot (bent at the waist and knees, trying to stay low). Pass the ball under your left leg and then step forward with your right leg. Pass the ball under your right leg and continue to walk like a crab passing the ball underneath alternating legs. Keep practicing this until you can do it while running. If you get really good at it, try racing your neighbor’s dog across the local park while you do the crab walk. Oh yeah, keep your head up, too, because later on we might put in the crab walk plus frisbee catch variation.


2 Responses to ““The Crab Walk””

  1. Carlo Del Donno said

    This sounds very interesting and i would like to try it, but i dont really understand what is being said. Maybe could someone who understands it better explain it further?


  2. Hey Carlo – – here’s how it goes: Start with the ball in two hands out on front of your knees, your body bent forward at the waist. Got it so far? Now as you begin to step forward with your left leg, the ball needs to quickly be shifted to your right hand. When you left leg is fully forward, the ball is passed under your left leg (or through your legs) to your lefy hand. Then as soon as it is touching your left hand, you are stepping foward with your right foot and passing the ball through with your left hand to your right hand. And on and on you go. Have your dad read this to you – – – s-l-o-w-l-y – – – – as you try each piece of it. Soon you’ll get the flow of it. A good way to get the hang of one piece of it is just pass the ball back and forth from hand to hand while you are bent over forward at the waist, hands and ball almost down to the ground.


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