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“Relocate on the Post Feed”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on August 17, 2006

As soon as you feed the post, here’s what happens: your defender, like a dog who’s looking for a stick you’ve thrown, turns his head and moves in the direction of your toss (post pass). So, while looking for the ball, the defender only knows only one thing: where you were when you passed the ball. Which leads me to the point of this Tip: after passing the ball, RELOCATE! Make sure you go somewhere; don’t stay where you were when you dumped the ball in. There are two possible directives that will help you decide where to relocate. 1) Go to the best open space away from the defender – maybe the corner if the defender has dropped to the middle, or the middle if the “d” drops baseline, 2) Cut behind the head of the defender, most players not having eyes back there, you know?

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