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“The Two Player Game”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on August 24, 2006

In the last “Tip”, the idea of “relocating” after feeding the post was discussed. It’s automatic: you have to move after you dump the ball in. This creates the “Two Player Game”. Like the “pick-and-roll” or “give-and-go”, it’s standard and simple: just two players involved. In fact, much of offensive basketball synthesizes to that: a separating out of players to lend simplicity and manageability to what is going on out there. Who, unless you are Gary Kasparov, can keep track of the movements of more than two or three things at once? Isolate the post feeder and post player and feed and relocate and get the ball back from the post and pass it in again if you have to. Make a five-on-five into a two-on-two. It’s effective and a lot of fun (especially if you’re one of the two).

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