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“The Art of the Outlet Pass”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on September 22, 2006

artpoplloyd.jpgYou and your team want to score, and you want to score as easily as possible as often as possible. The best way to do that? Fast break basketball. Once your team has established the mentality to run, the next step is to change — transition — from defense to offense as quickly as you can. Can your team change more players from defense to offense than the opposing team from offense to defense? That’s the tussle. It all begins with the outlet pass. The rebounder should rebound with both hands or at least have two hands on it before he hits the floor. While still in the air, before hitting the floor, the rebounder should be turning his or her head, to the outside of the court, toward the sideline, where, hopefully, the point guard is yelling “outlet”. The passing arm elbow should be out and back and the ball gripped tightly in front of the armpit. At the moment of impact between feet and floor, there should be a strong step in the direction the pass is to be made and the pass should fire out. I’m thinking Russell; I’m thinking Embry; I’m thinking Cowens, and Bill Walton, too. They often made that same pass, with similar technique, but before even landing! You can, too!

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“The Beauty of Ball Reversal”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on September 6, 2006

If when playing offense, your team did the same thing over and over again, you would find no success, especially if there was no movement of players or of the ball. Moving the ball makes the defense move and moving defenses are defenses that get tired. The best place to move the ball is from one side of the court to the other, from wing to wing. This gives you the optimal angle/angles into the post and maximizes the territory the ball covers; it makes defense take away certain things, too. By moving the ball and making the defense commit to taking something away, it always leaves another “look” open. That is the essence of team offensive basketball.

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