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“Running the Point: Part Three”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on October 16, 2006

a-halasz-running-the-break.JPGThe last thing we knew, we had caught the outlet, the wings had run wide and the ball handler (you) was pushing it up the middle of the court, assessing if you had “numbers”. If you do have numbers, and the defense is backing off, keep advancing at the defender until the defense makes a move at you. As soon as there is any momentum by the point defender, you dish to the wing. Don’t get jammed by the defender and don’t let her deflect your pass. After you pass, keep your piece of the offense spaced by stopping at the top of the key, ready to get a return pass from the wing. If, when you dribbled up court, the defender attacked you early, you’d pass right away to the wing. That way a 3-on-2 becomes a 2-on-1. Another strategy, or response to an attacking defender, is to go by him with a dribble move; leave him in the dust That would make a 3-on-2 into a 3-on-1. You can practice this last move (going by the defender) with a chair (a slow chair) or a really little, basically immobile kid.

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