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“Running the Point on the Break: Part Five, How to Finish”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on October 30, 2006

camp-photo-oct-06.JPG(This is the last in a series on the three-on-two fast break.)

We’ve brought the ball up court, we’ve stayed spread-out; we’ve even delivered the ball to the wing. How do we finish the play? Well, the best possible scenario is that the point would have influenced the bottom defender off the middle of the lane by faking one way and going to you. If that is the case, you as the receiver may have a chance for a strong-finish type lay-up…similar to what you would get on a three-on-one break. (Which is why we often run the “10 Player Break Drill” rather than the conventional 11 player break. We are so innovative here!) The key to the finish is catching the ball on the run, but under control, and approaching the hoop at nearly a forty-five degree angle – the angle that would take you between the block and the first marker toward the hoop. This allows you to 1) use the glass and 2) to use your body to protect the ball from trailing defenders.

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