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“Defensive Communication”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on November 7, 2006

When playing defense, it is important to communicate with your teammates. Talk. Say something, well, something helpful, not things like “does anyone have any Windex on them? These glass backboards are filthy!” Most often, communicate to the person who is guarding the basketball. Say, “Help left” if you are on the left side of your teammate guarding the ball. Say, “Help right” if you are the right side of your teammate and intending to stop them ball handler if he/she goes by the defender. This will aid your teammate who is guarding the ball in determining how to overplay the ball handler. It is dangerous (in a fun/game kind-of-way) and inadvisable to play a good ball handler straight-up. Dictate to the ball handler. Also, communicate the impending approach of a screen (and screener); “Screen left. Get over it. Get over it.” The get over it, get over it part is an example of repetition for emphasis. Shouting things loudly like “DON’T LET THEM SCORE!” is another recommended form of emphasis.

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