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“Make the Extra Pass”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on November 13, 2006

Passing is more important than shooting. An oversimplification? Yes. But a good group of passers who aren’t great shooters will still fare well because with good passing, they would eventually find a good shot, or a shot that even a not-so-good shooter would make. On the other hand, a good group of shooters who are not good passers won’t get good shots. Eventually that team will break down, alienate one another to the point that the game will degenerate into one big argument amongst team members and eventually someone, probably the guy who brought the ball, will say, “I’m goin’ home”. Basketball is movement, player movement and ball movement. The idea is to move and in moving, manipulate and tire the defense. When readying yourself to shoot – and even before – you should have in your mind and in your eye: is there someone somewhere on my team, who is more open the I am? “Nice pass” (along with “good hustle” and “good d”) are the sweetest words one can hear on the basketball court.

2 Responses to ““Make the Extra Pass””

  1. Steve Watkins said

    It is much easier to be a good passer if you are also a good shooter because you create defensive imbalances that leave your teammates open. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the best passer in the NBA (Steve Nash) is also the best shooter in the league.


  2. Steve Watkins said

    In my last reply, I failed to mention that I disagree -it more important to be a good shooter. To become a great passer, a player should first become a great shooter.


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