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“What Exactly Does an Extra Pass Look Like?”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on November 15, 2006

Passing and making the extra pass (and, if you think about it, shooting) is often a function of knowing what you will do with the ball even before you catch it. This, of course, requires good vision, both in the physical and in the mystical sense. If you believe that offensive basketball means finding the best shot for your team, you will be searching for that even before you catch, even before you get on the floor. This requires knowing what the weak side looks like, it requires that you be aware of your screener when you come off the screen, and it requires making the extra pass in a two-on-one, rather than turning it into a one-on-one. It’s simple: can you make a pass to someone who is more open than you and in scoring position? And, are you ready to do that? Head up, see the floor, ready to pass before you catch.

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