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“The Backdoor Cut Pass”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on January 8, 2007

When there’s a backdoor cut or about to be a backdoor cut, the cutter and the passer need to be in concert. The cutter reads the defender and starts setting up the defender for the unpleasant experience of giving up an easy lay-up and the passer has to recognize what is going on, the carnage that’s about to be wreaked. Remember: it’s all about deception. The cutter looks like he’s coming out to get the ball or coming to the ball to get it. The passer looks like he’s gonna deliver it. If you’re NOT dribbling, with two hands on the ball step (just as you would if you were passing) in the direction of where you would pass, faking a one-hand push pass. The cutter puts her hands up as if to receive. The MOMENT the cutter changes direction, not when they’re half way to the basket, but the MOMENT the change of direction happens, you flick off a bounce pass. If the passer is dribbling, and since dribbling obviously occurs with just one hand, there is no fake, and the pass is made one-handed, a la Nash, a la Stockton. Allah be praised! The bounce pass resembles and presents itself as a long dribble gone to the receiver just beyond the reach and attention of the hapless defender.

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