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“Who Then is the Basketball God?”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on February 14, 2007

In yesterday’s post, I posed the the question” who is the basketball god?”, knowing the answer was obvious.

In “Comments”, the last responder postulated: Bill Russell?

My reply: DZ – – Close. Russell is Moses. (This Moses not That Moses). Russell, Auerbach, those early Celtics laid down the basketball commandments: Thou shalt not walk the ball upcourt; Thou shalt not rely on half-court defense; Thou shalt not rely on one big scorer to bail-out the team; Thou shalt believe in one another (ball movement on offense, pressure defense into help-defense); Thou shalt learn, understand, practice and assiduously apply the fundamentals of good basketball; Thou shalt mentally and physically wear down the other team; and last but not least and, as the best way of spreading the word of this gospel to all the basketball land, Thou Shalt Win.

To find the true basketball god of gods, one must look within. (But good guess.)

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3 Responses to ““Who Then is the Basketball God?””

  1. Nelson said

    Love the sentiment, but the spelling–d’oh! “Thou shalt not…” not “Though shalt not…”, unless there’s some pun here I’m missing.


  2. Nelson – – When I first saw your comment, and without having the post to look at, I thought, “does he think it should be spelled ‘though'”? Then I looked and it was “though”, “though”, “though” all over the place. Then I thought, “did someone else come in and change the way I originally spelled it”? Can’t explain the error, but thanks for pointing it out. I’m actually a near perfect speller, but not-so-great editor. I’m surprised no one else caught it. Thanks again. (As I scan this comment for other spelling errors . . .)


  3. Dan Ziminski said

    I always thought is was spelled “thou” too.

    So, if it’s not Russell and it’s not Auerbach, who could it be? Perhaps James Naismith, the “creator” of basketball?


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