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The Call That Everyone in the Stands Gets Wrong

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on March 9, 2007

Yellow Garden Spider
Yellow Garden Spider, David Keith, Univerity of Nebraska-Lincoln Dept. of Entomology

You’re sitting there in the Robins Center, watching your beloved University of Richmond Spiders hustle, steal, trap and take apart another Atlantic-10 opponent. You’re a hoops nut, always have been. You’re wearing your Spiderman outfit, but that’s to fit in, not standout. You’re a fan! You’re there to watch and enjoy and love the game. When “the wave” comes around you’re up; when the cheerleaders spell R-I-C-H-M-O-N-D you shout it out and pump your fist. You love your hoops through and through. And when the point guard, say, #10, Tiki Mayben of the U-Mass Minutemen, dribbles up to halfcourt, jukes over the line with his left foot and then brings that same foot into the backcourt to retreat and elude the 1-3-1 halfcourt trap that’s staring him in the face, you and 9,121 SpiderPeople stand and scream, all turning into venomous black widows! “BACKCOURT!!!”, you and all the Spiderpeople scream! “That’s BACKCOURT!”

But . . . you and everyone else would be wrong. (And don’t do it again, okay?) Don’t get caught in the web of the mis-informed. Here’s the rule, disentangled, and here’s how to think about it: 2+1. (2 feet and 1 ball.) 3 points (2+1) have to make contact with the frontcourt otherwise the ball and ballhandler retains backcourt status. NCAA Basketball Rules Handbook.

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