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“Humbled By a (Not Entirely Unexpected) Visit From The Basketball God”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on March 12, 2007

Hal Greer
Hal Greer,

I saw tonight that the odds of picking correctly all 64 games (including the play-in game) in the NCAA Tournament is a very large number, like 9 billion times 9 billion (or the number of jumpers Sebastian Telfair needs to take this summer to be able to have a chance of beating, say, Ben Wallace, in a three-point shooting contest). As an example the stat quoters say that if every man, woman and child in the world fills out a million brackets, there’d still by only 1 in a 1000 chance that someone would get it right. So, it seems it can’t be done, you can’t get them all right, unless, of course, you’ve got an “in”, and that “in” gets you a “not entirely unexpected” visit from The Basketball God.

Why me? Aw, heck, that’s a long story and there are many more posts to go on this blog before we get to that. Let’s just say I recite the correct prayers at night, and have been since I witnessed my first Cousy look-away pass, the first Hal Greer jumper, read about Bill Bradley in John McPhee’s “A Sense of Where You Are”. Still, I did not expect to be so chosen.

Revelation Numero Uno: Va. Commonwealth beats Duke in the first round. “Why?”, I nervously ask without looking up from my Blue Ribbon Basketball Yearbook. Their pressure defense! They forced 170 more turnovers than they committed. What is the record for turnovers by an individual? (Does Quin Snyder hold it?) Greg Paulus is odds-on to break it. Plus, PLUS, VCU shoots threes at over 40%. Coach K’s a good man, was certainly good to me, but he needs a little time off after last summer, righteously.

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4 Responses to ““Humbled By a (Not Entirely Unexpected) Visit From The Basketball God””

  1. jim v said

    i didn’t realize you were tight with the basketball god. me and the TBG are hanging out tonight at a local watering hole to catch the mavericks vs. the suns (9pm, espn). we have a small side bet going – if nash gets more than 12 assists i’m buying, less than 12 he’s buying. wish me luck, the big guy usually drinks top shelf bourbon and that stuff isn’t cheap……..


  2. jim v said

    did you see the game? the most entertaining, exciting regular season game since…..well, in a really long time. nash went for 32 points, 16 assists and 8 rebounds. the moral of the story – don’t make basketball bets with the hoop god.


  3. Dan Z said

    Good call on VCU over Duke!


  4. You never know how games are going to go, but you can imagine what a team might try to do given another teams weaknesses. I just recall everytime I saw Duke struggle this year it was when teams pressured them. Perfect script for VCU. Paulus = 6 turnovers


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