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Down Goes Virginia!

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on March 13, 2007

Albany Capitol Building
Albany Capitol Building,

The Basketball God and I, surprisingly, come from the same hometown: Albany, NY. Granted, I’ve never heard the Albany area referred to as “God’s Country”, but, I don’t know, real estate has always been pretty cheap there and everyone wants to save a buck.

Ted Sarandis (aka Ted Nation), the Voice of Boston College Basketball, once named me the 2nd best dressed assistant coach in New England. This, of course, is an utterly meaningless appellation and comes from a guy who thinks Louis is the place where Coach Carnesecca lives, and wouldn’t know a haberdashery from a bong. Who did he say was the best dressed? Dave Leitao, presently the head coach at Virginia, formerly (very formerly . . . like late 80s) assistant coach to Jim Calhoun at Northeastern. For this, it’s time for Leitao to pay the price: call it a hometown pick but in the South Region. . . Down Goes Virginia! The Great Danes of Albany U., 13th seed, snarl, snap, maul, haul and shred the 4th seeded Cavaliers. And Dave, c’mon, please don’t wear that orange and blue tie again.

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