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Hakeem Shows Yao Some “Dream” Post Moves

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on June 4, 2007

Came upon this video while checking out the head coaching status of my former Harvard bench mate (1985-89), Tom Thibodeau. (Interviewed recently by the Kings. His time is coming!)

This is a pretty good video because 1) there’s no annoying music attached to it; 2) Hakeem and Yao are taking the session seriously; 3) those post moves of Hakeem’s!!! Good Lord! Or Good Allah, or . . . whatever, they are sweet; 4) the advice Hakeem is giving to a 2nd team all-NBA center is so on-the-money (and related to an earlier “post” here at NTL Tips concerning, among other things, keeping the ball UP). Hakeem seems likeable, perceptive, genuinely engaged, enthusiastic even: a natural teacher.

The video.

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5 Responses to “Hakeem Shows Yao Some “Dream” Post Moves”

  1. Damian said

    What a fantastic clip – Hakeem, I think, had the most amazing moves of any center in the NBA. I remember him doing about twelve fakes on Patrick Ewing before dunking on him – he just seemed like he was moving at a different speed than Patrick and the ability to read the defense was amazing.


  2. jim said

    hakeem! who won the championships when jordan was playing baseball – not ewing, not barkley, not shaq – it was dream and the rockets. during their playoff run, they played a spurs team with nba mvp (and future hall of famer) david robinson. they even presented the award to robinson right before game 1 of the series. now, i love d-rob, he’s a gentleman who has served his country and has done tremendous charity work. but hakeem took robinson apart like an older brother teaching a younger brother a lesson. it was amazing to watch – spins, pump fakes, drop steps, dream shakes – hakeem had it all working, david and the spurs had no answer. none.

    someone should dig up the video and force al jefferson to watch it everyday this summer.


  3. Ed Wolf said

    I would rather have Al watch a video of someone playing D.


  4. Muhammad said

    beautiful video.


  5. Dan Z said

    There have been a lot of rumors in the news that Tom may be coming to Boston as an assistant.


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