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What You Won’t See in Boston

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on June 27, 2007

Billboard in Portland OR
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In Portland last week to run an NTL Weekend Camp and what do we Bostonians see on I-84 East each day? Ouch!

I honked 5 times for the Celtics’ fifth pick, who, I predict, will never play with Paul Pierce.

Because Pierce won’t want to play with another “project”: Yi. Because he thinks that Green or Noah or Brewer will not be enough to make a difference; he’s correct there. And because management will have finally decided that they would rather trade Pierce while he’s still more marketable than he will be a year from now (approaching, then 31 y/o), than pair him with someone like Jermaine O’Neal or someone who, sans Al Jefferson (who they would have to give up), is just not good enough to get them anywhere interesting: second round of playoffs.

Pierce is petulant and thinks he is better than he really is. Is he, in fact, a top fifteen NBA player? (Lebron, Kobe, Duncan, Wade, T-Mac, Yao, KG, Bosh, Nash, Nowitzki, Amare, Brand, Carmelo, Boozer/Arenas/Dwight Howard/Iverson. Other than maybe Iverson, who would you not take straight up for Pierce? And there are probably a half dozen others.). Some contender surely must think they could use him. Rivers has had to kiss Pierce’s butt one time too many and for too long and will probably have convinced Ainge (if Ainge has a half a brain in his head and I think he does . . . barely) by now that Pierce has more value gone than staying. He serves no purpose here. He’d be better off somewhere else, too. Send him to Jerry Sloan, see how he likes it there.

Watch for major upheaval on the Celtics’ front. I mean, it’s gotta happen. But please let Pierce be gone and not Big Al. Please!

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5 Responses to “What You Won’t See in Boston”

  1. Ed Pearson said

    Right on about the pick and Pierce. Will PP play with Allen? Not much defense!


  2. mywhackyvisions said

    Can’t agree with you more. I geflinched (I was in Germany when I heard the news) that the C’s acquired Ray Allen. This grab just makes things worse. It gives the Celtics the illusion that they’ll be better in the long term when in fact it’s just short term piece of candy that will make us feel good before it dissolves. While I have no problem trading Delonte West, he’s just a good backup 2 guard, it would have been better to trade Pierce and get something of value for the future. This future with or without Pierce in the short term is too far off for Pierce to be any value other than trade bait.


  3. Greg Herr said

    Maybe they’ll play some D, but probably the best we can hope for is that Danny understands the virtue of making the trade in time for these older guys, and gets something for Pierce in a year or two — and maybe two is waiting too long.

    The Big 3 retired as Celtics but Danny went to other teams — what did we get for him, anyway, way back when?


  4. Dan Z said

    I like the trade. A lot of people say the Celtics didn’t need more scoring, but actually they were 22nd in the NBA in scoring last year. Ray Allen has a lot of basketball left in him. There were no can’t miss guys at #5 and the Celtics didn’t need to get younger. Also, Allen’s contract becomes valuable in 2 years if he declines rapidly. With Allen, Pierce, and Jefferson as the big 3, I see good things. Our team makeup is similar to the 01 Milwaukee Bucks who almost made the finals with Allen, Cassel, and Robinson as the big 3. The average age is about the same and it’s a nice mix of inside scoring and outside shooting. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid!


  5. Greg Herr said

    No, Dan, no. How are the Bucks lately? Bob Ryan had an interesting take in his blog, whose existence I discovered today. He’s not a fan of this trade.


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