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About Billups’ layup (again)

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on May 23, 2008

If you watch Billups right after he catches the pass and just before he shoots it (see the post just previous to this), he glances over his left shoulder to check where defense is before he lays in the reverse. (Looking for Posey chasing or, maybe, Garnett had he switched?) Pretty cool. No panic in that fella. Not that defense would have mattered; it was, because of the rim, a basically unblockable shot.

Thank god the Pistons won. This makes for a great series and forces the Celts to have to prove themselves to themselves.

Winning a title without winning a road game would be like living at home until you’re thirty, thirty-five. Safe, comfortable, maybe your parents would even give you a ring. But, you’d likely miss out on a thrill or two. (Me? Raised by wolves. Out the door at twelve.) It’s all in the struggle. I believe KG, that noted philosopher, would agree.


2 Responses to “About Billups’ layup (again)”

  1. mywhackyvisions said

    Judging from last night’s victory in Detroit, I think the previous loss woke up the sleeping giant similar to how Philly woke up the Pistons when they stole that first game in the first round.

    This is becoming an very interesting series indeed.


  2. Greg Herr said

    Interesting series, and I too am learning about Brandon Stuckey. ‘Poor Man’s Dwayne Wade?’ No, seems to me he’s the second coming of Andrew Toney. Unstoppable one on one, no nerves, and the way he stole the ball from Garnett and took it straight to the basket demands respect.


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