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Ray Allen’s Layup

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on June 13, 2008

Ray Allen’s one-on-one (that’s being generous to Sasha Vujacic) drive and layup to seal the Celtics’ incredible come from behind victory over the Lakers last night was many things. One of the things it is is something we teach and drill players on at the NTL clinics and camps: the lefty layup off the righty dribble.

The lefty layup off the righty dribble (cousin to the righty layup off the lefty dribble) requires eliminating a step from the normal dribble-one-two that happens with the righty dribble, righty layup, etc. Allen does it perfectly because he switches the ball in the air, not on the floor (just like we teach it – but, wait a second, I don’t remember Ray Allen taking one of our clinics).

Other things to watch: 1) Vujacic does nothing to dictate to Allen; he lets Allen decide if he’s gonna take him right or take him left. Vujacic should have forced Allen to go the way the scouting report says Allen would prefer not to go. (NBA scouting reports can tell you the percentage of times a player drives one way or the other); 2) Vujacic gave the whole thing minimal effort after Allen got an advantage, a couple of soft waves was about it; rather pathetic; 3) the other perimeter defenders did NOTHING to influence Allen. I understand Bryant couldn’t leave Pierce, Odom couldn’t leave Posey, but couldn’t they have shunted or faked at Allen? Tried to make him guess, worry a little that a double might be coming, see if they could force some hesitation, maybe leading to a mis-dribble?

A truly unworthy effort from the Lakers all the way around.


2 Responses to “Ray Allen’s Layup”

  1. Damian said

    Vujacic is a European player – I think they’re still learnign the word “defense”. Painfully bad as Allen blew by him. Loved Allen’s finish with the left hand, using the basket to stop the block coming from the right side.


  2. Did you notice the moment Allen is by Vujacic, he gives a glance left to see if help is coming from there? He had already, apparently, decided he was gonna use the rim to shield the ball (as you say) from the shot blocker, Gasol. Very cool. A little like Billups looking for Posey behind him on the OB Play layup in the Pistons’ series (and on an earlier post). These guys are good.


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