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Handicapping Game 6 of The NBA Finals

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on June 17, 2008

I’m not very good at making predictions, but I have some “feelings” as well as thoughts about the upcoming game.

1. If Kendrick Perkins plays, I see it as a fairly big plus for the Celts. Gasol proved in Game 5 that he can get the ball pretty deep against KG (I acknowledge the foul trouble KG was in); he can’t do that against Perk;

2. KG is due for a very big game. Pierce has a pretty big to very big game every game now. I believe Ray Allen is focused and if he doesn’t get too excited too soon could be in the 20s himself. Look for a Big Game from The Big Three;

3. The Celts are better because they are tougher, physically and mentally tougher. That toughness translates to defense. Unless fouling is a factor early, the Celts will probably jump on the Lakers. Decent lead early. Defense will be stifling, absolutely stifling;

4. I see the Lakers making a comeback. Or not. At some point, I believe the Celts will have a BIG, BIG lead;

5. Rondo will run the break well, find the seams and the shooters. He’ll have at least one dunk on one big purple shirted dude;

6. The young guys on the Lakers will wilt; that means no bench production from the visitors. Meanwhile, Leon Powe will get more than a rebound a minute;

7. There will be a lot of chest thumping. A lot. This will not so secretly irk Jeff Van Gundy.

8. Congratulations to Doc Rivers and the Celtics. (With a nod to Kevin McHale.) Banner No. 17. Celts 100 – Lakers 86 (Alternatively, Celts 95 – Lakers 94; Ray Allen with a buzzer beating winner. Fun!)


4 Responses to “Handicapping Game 6 of The NBA Finals”

  1. Damian said

    Wow Steve – a pretty damn good list – let’s review:

    1. He didn’t have a huge impact, but definitely some.
    2. Right on.
    3. Right on – the defense was amazing – I’ve never seen so many strips in a Finals game.
    4. Right on.
    5. Right on – although he seemed to have trouble making layups, who cares – his defense was amazing. Stripping Kobe? Unbelievable.
    6. Right on.
    7. Right on.
    8. Damn friggin close – Right on.

    I rule you 7 for 8. Great read on the game!


  2. Damian – –

    Man, I was hoping someone would see this! I am equally impressed with your interpretation and analysis of the outcome. Rondo was amazing, and all the more amazing for how far down he seemed to have slipped. Someone said something to him, or he said it to himself. And the message was: you add so much and can impact the game so much by the other things you do: ballhawking (among the 2-3 best in the league: C. Paul, TJ Ford, Kidd? Iverson? but he has soooo much more energy than those last two), pushing the ball on the break and finding spot up shooters, breaking defense down, keeping defense occupied and honest on drives. He totally, TOTALLY set the crucial energy tone for the game right there in the first quarter. I just LOVED the attitude he came out with. Meanwhile, I give myself a 6 or 6 1/2, but not bad! Thanks for your comment. (I want to write about Posey, too!)


  3. Damian said

    Honestly it was the most complete “team” win I’ve seen in a long time. I think everyone scored – even Big Baby aka “6 fouls to give”. Quiet but important contributions from Brown, House, Powe, etc. I think you got it right, again, in an earlier post about Doc and setting the tone. There was just no doubt that the Celtics wanted it more. I think the Lakers knew it was over about 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter – they were helping Celtics up off the floor! Yes, they are being gentlemen, but that’s a sign that your will is broken, in my opinion, at that stage of the game.

    One thing we haven’t mentioned: Posey’s defense. Nothing short of AMAZING.

    Nice to see Rondo hit the open jumper too – kept the defense honest on him, allowed him to drive. The Laker defense, on the other hand, just fell apart – allowing Rondo to drive the lane like he did, even when he didn’t make it? Man, I remember the 80’s when you were hit if you went in the lane.

    I loved Garnett after the game – “Anything is possibleeeee!!!!”


  4. Ed Wolf said

    Wow, great prognosticating Steve–you really hit it. I saw it being a nailbiter with the C’s pulling away in the last five minutes…I was lucky enough to be at the game–it was pure joy.

    Let’s hope Posey re-signs. He is such a crucial element. And Rondo was inspiring to watch on Tuesday.


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