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Presidential Hoops; Jersey #44

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on January 20, 2009

The rundown on who the best basketball playing presidents were:

Abe Lincoln played. Like Satch Sanders, he was #16 and could defend the heck out of it. Great in the lockerroom before big games, too.

James K. Polk had extraordinary foot work in the post; knew it was a matter of gaining “territory” in there. Like it was his Manifest Destiny or something.

Rutherford B. Hayes, “The Big E”’s great-uncle, could kiss them high off the glass.

William Howard Taft could set a mean screen and, man, was he tough to get around when he boxed you out!

Hoover turned the ball over too much, inflated the score and, in the end, depressed everyone.

Truman could drop bombs. (But so could, and did, many.)

JFK was great to hang out with after the game.

Coach never let Jimmy Carter in, mostly because of what his brother Billy was yelling from the stands.

Ronnie Reagan cracked everyone up with his play-by-play from the bench.

Al Gore wrecked his knee playing hoops, didn’t he? Oops, he wasn’t President? He was just elected, that’s all.

#44 has got the rare opportunity to make both teams better by making the game better. There will be defense (you gotta have defense); there will be innovation (moves never seen before!); he’ll push the ball up court and share the ball. To make this thing work, we gotta share the ball. I’m lacing mine up! #44 didn’t choose me, but I and a whole lot of other people, all around the world, are on his team. (Each of us is ready to give this kind of effort for this team!) Tip-off is at Noon!!!

2 Responses to “Presidential Hoops; Jersey #44”

  1. dskills said

    When was the last time we even cared about an Inauguration? Awesome.


  2. Bob Dickson said

    # 26 Teddy Roosevelt – never played softly and carried the big pick, he went far.
    Dr. J learned in his gym.


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