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Defense Wins!

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on April 8, 2010

When I was a beginning coach, I worked Dave Cowens’ Basketball Camp in Weston, MA. One of the lecturers one of the weeks I was there was Togo Palazzi, College of the Holy Cross legend from the 1950s. Togo was older, crew-cutted, physical and fierce, energetic. He went through a defensive drill and the reward for winning was getting to play defense again. This got me to thinking: If I were your coach and I convinced you playing defense was paramount, when I suggested that once we got the ball, we should just give it back to the other team so we could play defense again, would you still want me to be your coach?


One Response to “Defense Wins!”

  1. Jim Tuberosa said

    Togo Palazzi is the most underrated Italian American in the country. The Italian American sports hall of fame, especially the Massachusetts chapter, should have inducted him into their organization years ago. People have tried to inform them for some time but nothing seems to work. There are so many stories about, and involving, him and the first world championship team of the Boston Celtics that they could make a book. Ask Bill Russel, for one. There’s a story there. When the Celtics had their 50th anniversary of their very first title (1957) Togo WAS included on the dais with his teammates. Yes, he was a member of that team. Hopefully long time fans will contact the ITAM hall of fame to remind them of Togo. This very humble Celtic/Holy Cross legend certainly deserves their consideration.


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