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Rebounding Someone Else’s Practice Free Throws

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on October 1, 2011

Here’s a tip I’ve given many times to kids I’ve worked with to improve their passing and court vision. (And when it comes to basketball, we’re all kids, aren’t we?) Okay, you’ve got a ball and you’ve got a friend, and you, ball and friend have found a hoop. You decide you are each going to shoot some free throws. (Me? I like the number 100.) Your friend goes first. You stand in front of the rim with your back to the shooter. As the ball comes through the net (oh, by the way, this works best when practicing with someone who makes the vast majority of her or his free throws) and then bounces, you take it and flip it over your shoulder to the shooter, on a bounce, without looking, imagining, seeing in your mind’s eye, the ball finding the shooter’s hands, waist high, shooting side. Turn and see where it really went, if it went where you wanted it to go. (If you missed your target – badly – and your friend is standing there with a “what the . . . look”, it is important for a whole slew of reasons I won’t get into here that you run to the other end of the court and retrieve the ball.) Next shot, same thing, but you make the no-look pass with a different delivery, maybe bounced between your legs, backwards, of course. Every pass off every shot means a new and different delivery. After a while, a short while, you’ll become good at it. So good that crowds will form – in rows three deep circling the court – to watch your passing magic. All you need is a friend, a ball and a hoop to get you there. Good luck.

2 Responses to “Rebounding Someone Else’s Practice Free Throws”

  1. James said

    Hi Steve,
    I prefer to have players practice being ready to rebound. They can line up as for FT’s in a game, or just in the key. Even with only one player to rebound they can practice anticipation, put backs, def reb and outlet, etc.


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