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Kobe, Greg Oden and me

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on September 9, 2012

I just turned sixty. Might sound old to you or maybe not. I try not to think about it. Instead I just let my delayed adolescence and post-adolescence continue to guide me. What that means is for the most part, I’m feeling pretty young. Except for the hip. Kobe and Oden have their knees, I have my hip.

Ten years ago I could jump into any Never Too Late Basketball clinic and pretty much dominate (if I wanted to and if the right buttons were pushed). Seven years ago, I trained hard for 9-10 months and snapped off a 5:33 mile in the High Street Mile in Newburyport, MA. Ran the Philly Marathon 20 some minutes faster than Paul Ryan ran his marathon. (Though he’ll tell you he beat me by 45 minutes. Guess he’s not good with numbers.) Four years ago, someone asked me if I was limping. Three and half years ago I had an MRI done and heard the term osteoarthritis applied to me for the first time.

The last thousand days have been spent at chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists specializing in hip problems, and a bevy of the best and most innovative and cutting-edge physical therapists and reading and devoting myself to the mind/body theories of John Sarno, MD. Multiply those thousand days by a few hours a day searching on-line for any and all alternatives to hip replacement and you get a picture of what it means to me to get my hip good again. All of which brings me to tomorrow when I will have blood drawn and a serum created from that blood that will then be injected into my hip (by a presumably very long needle) in five sessions over the course of five days at the Regenokine Clinic in Manhattan. The same procedure that Kobe and A-Rod and Fred Couples had done to great success. Those guys went to the site of the origination of the procedure, Dusseldorf, Germany. Greg Oden and a bunch of other pros have been to the NYC clinic which opened a year ago under the direction of Dr Edward Capla, long-time colleague of the “inventor”, Dr Peter Wehling.

You’ll know if this thing works when you see Oden on the court again and me going sub-40:00 next April in the James Joyce Ramble.

Wish the doctors and the long needles and me good luck.

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