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But Maybe Don’t Do 600 Pushups A Day

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on February 1, 2013

Someone I know knows Dwight Howard. That someone told me that Dwight Howard does (did) 600 pushups a day. That they’d be in meetings and Howard would get down on the floor during a lull and work on getting his number: 600. I was kind of impressed; in fact, I think I got down and did 20 right then and there.

Dwight Howard has a torn labrum in his shoulder. He’s a pretty big guy and 600 is a pretty big number. Ouch on that shoulder. I’m not a doctor nor a physical therapist, I’m not even a good time manager, but it seems to me 250 or 300 might have served the same purpose, kept him away from the surgeon’s knife and, who knows, helped his free throw shooting. (Those pushups sort of explain that weird short-armed, lack-of-extension thing he had going.)


4 Responses to “But Maybe Don’t Do 600 Pushups A Day”

  1. Greg Herr said

    Well by God I will never let an extra pushup keep me off the court.


  2. Jamal Halawa said

    Was thinking about starting a pushup regimen (I had one going over the summer – 100 a day within 2:30 – and it felt good) but now, jeez I don’t know,,,,


  3. Sandy said

    Phew–at last, dispensation for the 590 pushups I’ve been skipping daily! Thank you.


  4. Paul said

    Thanks, I will definitely stick to my healthy regimen of zero push-ups daily.


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