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A Bus Ride to Mecca

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on November 12, 2013

How many buses will we need? 30? 40? Who is with me? We are going to Terre Haute to stand before, to pay homage to, to relive that year, to youtube that journey – let us pause to wipe the bottoms of our sneakers, you are wearing sneakers, aren’t you? – the 17 foot (why only 17 feet?) statue of Larry Bird at Indiana State University unveiled the day, November 9, 2013, that the new Celtics, the sons of Brad Stevens, took down the Heat.

Read the article and tell me that you 100% agree with Bill Walton (and had you not read his quote that you would have said the same thing): “It’s a great day, not just for Indiana State, not just for the state of Indiana, but for the world.”

Chills. I got the chills.

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