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Made My Day!

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on January 16, 2015

At Tufts University gym this morning about to do a shooting session with an adult player, a once a week thing. He’s over on the first row of bleachers putting his sneakers on when a kid (there was a big gymnastics event going on next door and his mother and sister dumped him in the gym) walks up to me with a ball and says “play a game of one-on-one?” Who can say “no” to a game of one-on-one? I ask how old he is, I’m thinking 11, 12. He says “15”. So I take the ball, smack it hard, make a couple of hesitation type moves (I’m not really going by anyone these days) and put in a couple of 8 foot modified hooks. Kid says, “that all you going to do is shoot hook shots?” I say, “what you want me to shoot?” He says, “outside shots.” So I hit four in a row from just beyond the top of the key and he says, and this is what makes my day, “you in the NBA?”

I forgot to mention he was about 4’11”.

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Glossary of Terms For Post Play (Part One)

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on January 6, 2015

(excerpted from the outstanding handbook, Practical Post Play, by Pete Gaudet*)

Passing Angle: “Draw a line from the ball (spot A) to the target. Now imagine the easiest spot from which to feed the post successfully (spot B). A line from both spot A and spot B to the target form an angle. When a player moves the ball from spot to spot B, the passing angle has improved.”


Bzomowski adds: Passing angles are crucial; improve your passing angle and you cut down on turnovers. You improve it by (in the case of feeding the post) reading where the defense is playing and moving the ball (via dribble, pivot or pass) so that it is fed to the post player as close as possible on a perpendicular angle formed by ball line to post player’s chest.

*Coach Gaudet is former head coach at Army, longtime assistant at Duke University as they went to 7 Final Fours and 2 NCAA Championships, lead instructor at the famed Pete Newell “Big Man Camp”, overseas coach and a member of Never Too Late Basketball’s Weekend Camps’ staff.

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