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Made My Day!

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on January 16, 2015

At Tufts University gym this morning about to do a shooting session with an adult player, a once a week thing. He’s over on the first row of bleachers putting his sneakers on when a kid (there was a big gymnastics event going on next door and his mother and sister dumped him in the gym) walks up to me with a ball and says “play a game of one-on-one?” Who can say “no” to a game of one-on-one? I ask how old he is, I’m thinking 11, 12. He says “15”. So I take the ball, smack it hard, make a couple of hesitation type moves (I’m not really going by anyone these days) and put in a couple of 8 foot modified hooks. Kid says, “that all you going to do is shoot hook shots?” I say, “what you want me to shoot?” He says, “outside shots.” So I hit four in a row from just beyond the top of the key and he says, and this is what makes my day, “you in the NBA?”

I forgot to mention he was about 4’11”.

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