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Mastering the Free Throw

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on February 5, 2015




The simpler the better. The more complicated your shot is, the more movement there is, the harder it is to duplicate over and over, especially in pressure situations. Develop a short stroke.

See the target.

Shoot straight.

  • Give Yourself a Reason to Trust the Technique

Know what works.

Prove it many times.

  • Trust Technique

Once you’ve proven it, you no longer have to worry about missing. All you have to do is apply the technique.

  • Practice alone
  • Practice with someone
  • Practice


  • 1) Feet form a wide base. Feet set. Knees bent. Big toe that is on the foot that is the same as your shooting arm (right foot/right hand) on the nail hole at the middle of the FT line
  • 2) Set your shot. Ball set. Forearm straight up and down if possible.

Take a good look at the rim. (Never rush. Players who shoot quickly are players who are afraid of missing.)

  • 3) Stand and extend. (Simplicity.)
  • My mantra: “Start straight, finish straight.” (Elbow in at finish.) Start straight means shooting forearm as straight as the walls around you.
  • Imagine the shot. Imagine what it takes from legs and extension to not be short. Never be short.
  • Take a good look at the rim. (As Al McGuire used to say: “the answer is in the eyes”.) This helps you figure out range. Don’t get mesmerized and woozy looking at it; just figure the distance and say hello to the rim.
  • Follow through at the rim, directly straight at the rim. Good follow-through will give you good rotation.
  • Stay with the shot. Pose. (Think Christian Laettner.)


  • You always want to be relaxed and apply your technique. You go to the line in the middle of a game and you should think of nothing but applying your technique, the technique you trust. You apply the technique, you make the shot.
  • In game deciding situations, you never want to think about missing. If you think about missing, you miss. Instead, think about applying the technique you trust. Don’t say to yourself, “can I make this?” Instead say, “can I apply the technique I trust?” The answer, of course, is “yes!” You’ve done it hundreds and thousands of times.
  • And that is why you need to develop a technique, a method that is simple and easy to duplicate. Start straight. Short stroke. Finish straight over the rim.
  • Practice.
  • Practice.
  • Practice under pressure, even if it’s make-believe pressure.

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