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50 Little (Big) Tips (8th in a 10 Part Series)

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on December 23, 2015

1. When making a move to score in the post, a move which began with your back to the basket, make a conscious effort to locate the rim before shooting the ball. I once heard the late, great (best coach I ever knew) Rick Majerus say “there is a direct correlation between the amount of time spent looking at the rim and the chance of making the shot”.

2. If a teammate is cutting toward you with a defender trailing and the teammate is open for the shot pass the ball to the inside shoulder (meaning the shoulder closest to the hoop). If the teammate is not going to be open for the shot pass to the outside shoulder (meaning, ready for this?, the shoulder farthest from the hoop). At a clinic long ago, I heard the out-of-the-box basketball thinker, Rick Pitino say, “the passer is the eyes of the shooter”. I thought that was clever.

3. This is pretty simple and pretty obvious but it is surprising to me how many times I see this played wrongly and I think of what I once heard Bobby Knight (this was before he became the more mature “Bob” Knight) say: “when feeding the post, pass the ball to the side away from the defense”.

4. Before getting out on the court and playing and even before stretching, do a Dynamic Warmup (which we start each practice at our NTL Weekend Camps doing) to engage and ready the various body parts and movements you’ll be using and performing: running, cutting (changing direction), jumping, arm strength and lift and movement, fast twitch stuff, etc. (I got an idea! Practice falling down!)

5. Pass the ball early to a cutter, pass it as soon as they emerge from the screen. The ball takes time to travel through the air from point A (you) to point B (cutter). If you wait, then the defense has time to recover, your teammate will be flatfooted and the whole thing is botched!

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