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“Nice Touch!”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on February 17, 2016

The ball dances on the rim, three, four bounces, maybe even a little bump on the backboard, all soft as a shower in a five-star hotel, and then drops, nestles in, really, through the hoop. Someone on the court, the poet, the evangelist, the self-anointed coach on the floor, says what should be said: “nice touch”. This makes the shooter feel good.

At our NTL Weekend Camps and at our NYC and NTL Weekly Practice Program clinics, we talk about shooting a lot and when we talk about shooting one of the things we emphasize is the follow-through, the act of your hand staying with the ball as long as possible, as intentionally as possible (see hand in cookie jar; see goose neck in photo below).follow-through

One of the other things we say is: when the ball is on the rim, it knows where it came from, it knows what the quality of the last contact was. Did the hand flick it, let it go without care, hard like a hammer throw, hoping the ball will go in? The opposite of “nice touch” is “brick”. You don’t want brick. There is a connection between you and the ball. Keep that feeling between you and it as long as you can and when the ball is still on the rim, bouncing, deciding its fate, and your hand is still high in the air, following through, saying to the ball “I’m still with you!”, it will have a much better chance of rewarding you with another two or three points and the glory of all the players on the floor knowing that you are in possession of “nice touch”!

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