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A Shot That Goes In and Then Comes Out

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on November 17, 2016

Basket Interruptus is the Latin term for the shot that for all the world looks like it is going to be counted as two points, or three, but rattles an almost interminable number of times inside the rim and then pops out. So disappointing; so deflating.

Since the beginning of time, I have been telling players at our weekend camps and our
and in one-on-one sessions when the ball goes halfway down and then comes out that it is because they didn’t hold their follow-through. Seriously, if the ball comes that close to staying in but decides to come out what other little thing could have convinced it to finish the job? Some extra backspin to pull the ball down off the rim for sure; some extra backspin that came from some extra follow-through. Hopefully your two or three points will never be interrupted again.


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