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2 + 2 = A New You

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on October 23, 2018

Recreational level adult basketball players don’t practice (much). Those that do, get better. Those that don’t, well, they complain that they don’t have the time. I’m here to say they (you) do.

You walk onto a court, right? It’s before everyone gets there (“how many we got? Seven”) or between games or after. It’s like 4 minutes. Those 4 minutes are always there, but what do players do? They jack up shots, sometimes the first shot when they walk on the court is a three pointer. It’s like they are saying, “just checking it out to see if it’s my day”. How about warming up? How about doing something that we call “Foundational Shooting” or “Foundational Ballhandling”? Usain Bolt doesn’t just get out there, he warms up, does high knee paces, various movements that mimic and prepare him for what he is about to do (set a world record in the 100m or 200m). Tennis players engage in mini-tennis, hitting from the service line to get their strokes warmed up. Basketball players, pro players do the same. I have seen Kyle Korver shadow shoot (NO BALL) at the half court line for 5 minutes before he even takes a shot. Do some stationary dribbling (2 minutes): righty, lefty, in/out, high/low, forward/back. Do some dribble crossovers, inside-out, through your legs, behind the back. For shooting (2 minutes) do some one-hand flip shots, then get your left hand on the ball, move back, don’t go to a new spot till you’ve swished three in a row. Baseline, elbows, add a knockdown dribble, lefthand, right. Finally, add three pointers. Believe me it’ll be your day and in 4 minutes (2+2) you’ll get better.



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