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Why LeBron Disappeared in The Finals

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on December 14, 2011

This is just head-shaking, hard-to-imagine, just as LeBron James reversing the ball to Mario Chalmers – rookie Mario Chalmers! – twice in the last minute with the game on the line in Game Six of The NBA Finals as if it were plutonium or on fire or just something he wanted absolutely nothing to do with was unfathomable. I saw it on Henry Abbott’s excellent espn blog True Hoop (who saw it on deadspin who got it from Sports Illustrated).

The guy is just used to disappearing.

The article in True Hoops.

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Cincinnati versus Xavier brawl; “Disrespect”

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on December 11, 2011

Whenever I hear an athlete say the word “disrespect”, as in “he disrespected me”, I think two things: 1) the speaker does not respect himself enough not to care what someone who is obviously a moron is saying about him and 2) whatever the situation is, it probably isn’t going to turn out well for anyone involved. And so it was with yesterdays Cincinnati versus Xavier game-turned-into-brawl.

Of course the media plays a role in inflaming passions, goading players to regretful, violent responses (“This one is truly a backyard brawl.“). But the media would follow the lead of those who administer the games. Schools, athletic departments and conferences, team owners and presidents (in the pros), and coaches can punish, threaten, and suspend players for behavior but isn’t something else required? Some communication, education, mentoring that teaches that responding to the “disrespect” provocation can be and should be beneath one’s dignity? Sport is about competition and achieving potential; the greatest potential in this case, the winner in the contest of respect and disrespect, is the player who separates himself from the taunt and focuses on and plays the game. To respond to the taunt is to betray yourself as maybe believing the taunter. Would Bird, Magic, Jordan have cried about disrespect? No, they’d just drop forty on them and hold a press conference afterward and say he knew his rival didn’t mean it.

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Harvard Men’s Basketball (Top 25) Offers a Lesson

Posted by Steve Bzomowski on December 6, 2011

Adam Pritchard, longtime boys’ basketball coach at Belmont HS, Belmont MA (a school with a strong basketball tradition) is also a longtime Never Too Late Basketball coach, at our Weekly Practice Programs in Boston and our Weekend Basketball Camps. He offers this observation and assessment of the game between Harvard and Seattle University (no slouch of a team) from last Sunday, December 4, 2011:

Harvard Men’s Hoops Cracks Top 25

Belmont Basketball Enthusiasts,

Sunday, our BHS Basketball Players were guests of the Harvard Men’s Basketball Team’s home game with Seattle University. As we enter our 2011-2012 season, I share some of our coaching reflections of this great experience. We were glad that so many of our players, along with their families, were able to participate and be included in this opportunity. We BHS Coaches love basketball and really love when we see it played in a great way.

I am sharing with you a list of observations of both teams and the ways in which we hope to learn from their play:

It’s great to see a school get behind its team.
The positive energy from students, staff, alumni, and fans brought an excitement and enthusiasm for everyone there to enjoy.

Team play is the way.
They share the ball, they play unselfishly, and they play disciplined. They huddle at every point and they celebrate each others successes instead of their own. They exemplify the adage…TEAM- Together Everybody Achieves More.

Practice the way you play.
I had the opportunity to watch Harvard practice on October 30th (before the season began). Their practice contained every element of what showed up in the game we watched. The game was an extension of practice and they practice great!

Defense Wins Games.
Both teams defenses were superb. Great on the ball pressure. Consistent off ball and weak side help. Constant communication. Effort and attitude without looking for an unsporting edge. Very admirable.

Bring it from the bench.
Each team received significant bench contributions. This has a powerful impact on team performance and shows how players can develop incredibly positive roles at any position within a team structure. (note: Harvard scored 46 of 80 pts off the bench)

Be Enthusiastic.
Both teams clapped, cheered, stood up from the bench, smiled at times, and made it fun. After all…it’s a game.

Play with Respect.
Harvard and Seattle played respectfully. They players respected themselves, the coaches, the officials, the opponent, the fans, and the game. No inappropriate language, no unnecessary distractions. Just great competition. It is why teams and schools strive to have great sportsmanship… it creates a great event for everyone there.

Play with Heart…Leave it on the Floor.
The effort and hustle was undeniable. Both teams should look back with pride on their performances.”

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