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Posted by Steve Bzomowski on March 23, 2017

Please, never call out the name of the player you are passing to even if things have transpired in a way that you had not expected: meaning they aren’t looking and the pass that you have thrown is on its way. It’s embarrassing to do so. It means that you and he or she were not on the same page and to shout the name, shout in desperation, is a very public acknowledgement of that mistake. Better to see the ball fly out of bounds. Better that the ball smacks your teammate in the back of the head. That’ll teach ’em not to be looking for the pass. No more, “Jamal!”, okay?


2 Responses to ““Jamal!””

  1. The title of the article fascinated me and what I found took me back to those countless times that I have heard people calling their teammates on the court. This is a great tip for players. A lot of times, players also get distracted and miss the ball when someone calls their name from the team.


  2. Jamal said

    My name is “Jamal!” and I played NTL. I guess I boxing out or something. Shoulda been lookin’ My bad!


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